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Wine Agency Karl Schuler from Neustadt / Weinstraße

The Wine Agency is based in Neustadt / Weinstraße, which is located in the Palatinate, one of Germany’s largest and most dynamic wine regions.

Fourth generation family business.

Karl Schuler, the grandfather of Petra Glück (née Schuler), founded the family business in 1928. Currently Petra and her son Johannes own and manage the business.

Field of activity/expertise is the international bulk wine industry (Importing/Exporting)

The business is focused on trading bulk wine, offering a complete service by supporting the process from loading at the supplier to delivery at the customer.

Established & reliable supplier relationships.

Long-term business relationships, trusted by the wine market, years of experience and know-how.

Focus on bulk wine from Italy, Spain and South Africa

Trading of bulk wine within Europe, mostly to Germany and Italy.

Certified for organic wines.

Since 2007 the Wine Agency Schuler is certified for organic wines. This means, trading in biological (vegan) wines, is permitted.


Our Service.

Dynamic & experienced Team

Wine Agency Karl Schuler is operating, with cooperation, in four locations: (Germany-Neustadt/Weinstraße; Italy-Piedmont; Spain-Extremadura; South Africa-Cape Town) - allowing the Agency to be in permanent, personal contact with their suppliers.

Complete logistics management

The transport process is managed and overseen from commissioning, until delivery to the customer’s door.

No language barriers

Excellent command of most European languages helps avoid misunderstandings and simplifies and expedites the process. The Agency speaks your mother tongue.

Direct Supplier Contact

The Agency is working with reliable and long term established suppliers.

Superior quality and competitive pricing

Substantial volumes and established supplier relationships allow the Agency to trade bulk wine at exceptionally well priced-performance ratios.


Our Products.

Base Wine (white, red, rosé)

Aromatic drinks
Mulled wine
Wine for vinegar

Sparkling base wine (white, red, rosé)


Table wine (IGP, Vino de la Tierra)

Varietal wines
Chardonnay IGP
Pinot Gris IGP
Primitivo IGP
Merlot IGP

Quality wine (DOC)

Varietal wines
Pinot Gris DOC
Trebbiano DOC
Montepulciano DOC
Valencia DO
Prosecco DOC ( bottles)

Grape must and concentrates

Grape must white and red
Rectified grape must concentrate
Grape juice concentrates

Organic wines (Vegan)

Base wines
Table wines
Quality wines
Grape must concentrates

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Petra Glück-Schuler

E-Mail: petra@schuler-wines.com

Johannes Glück

E-Mail: johannes@schuler-wines.com

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Please do not hesitate to contact Wine Agency Schuler for any information, assistance or a specific request.

Weinkommission Karl Schuler
Kreuzstraße 30
67434 Neustadt an der Weinstraße

Telefon: 0049 (0)6321 86384
Telfax: 0049 (0)6321 34337